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Luis F. Camacho

Ecologist and Naturalist

At the core, I am a naturalist. I use my knowledge on insect biodiversity and natural history, particularly on treehoppers, to test a variety of questions in ecology. The tropical Andes is my home and focus of research to provide a macroecological context to several aspects of my work.



Camacho, L. F., Avilés, L. (2019) Decreasing predator density and activity explains declining predation of insect prey along elevational gradients. The American Naturalist, 194: 334-343.

Camacho, L. F., Keil, C., Dangles, O. (2014) Factors influencing egg parasitism in sub-social insects: insights from the treehopper Alchisme grossa (Auchenorrhyncha, Membracidae). Ecological Entomology, 39: 58-65.

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